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Strategy, Design and Social Innovation Consultant 
Lecturer and Facilitator

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina - Happy to connect with the world
Graphic Designer by education, Strategist, Brand Developer, Lecturer and Workshop Facilitator by training. Holding a Post-Graduate in Social Innovation Management.

Maria worked for consulting agencies for over 15 years, helping organizations enhance their impact through strategy and design. Believing in the power of networking, she became an independent consultant in 2018 and was introduced to the worlds of social innovation and creative leadership. She is an advocate for collective knowledge and hopeful about the way we look at businesses. She is an ongoing collaborator for change-making organizations like ‘Brand The Change’, ‘A Tribe Called Humans’, ‘Break Down Wake Up’ and 'Amani Institute'.

Guest Lecturer at Universidad de Buenos Aires and Professor at Universidad de San Andrés

Envisioning a world where businesses and communities thrive in perfect balance, Maria is helping bridge the gap between the personal and the professional in every environment.
What I do
Strategy, Design and  Social Innovation 
Workshops on Storytelling & Presentation Skills
Lecturing and mentoring
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