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I envision a world where businesses and communities thrive in perfect balance.

For years, I’ve helped companies grow their businesses through branding and design: building their brands from scratch, designing their identity evolution or helping them change a reputation. Ultimately, making people care about their businesses. 

As an independent consultant, I decided to challenge the way I've always done my work. I believe we don't need more branding just to make people care. I believe we need branding that takes care of people. I deeply believe this is the future of our work. I hope it is.

I connect with like-minded spirits from any part of the world who share the passion for branding and social innovation. Together, we create spaces for reflection and co-creation that help people and organizations develop brand thinking skills in order to build their own brands for change. 

Sometimes we meet and share location, sometimes we network. Sometimes we make money. Sometimes we don’t. We question. We explore. We analize. We think. We bring people in. We craft. We design. We brand. We connect. We feel good.

If you are feeling inspired by these ideas and want to join us, let me know. You can be a designer or a strategist. Or just a believer of this challenge. You can join. You can follow. You can share.

If you have a business, I encourage you to think about: why does your business exist and why should people care about it? When you put people at the centre of your business, they care. They feel good about your brand. You feel good about your business. And the most important thing? You are making this world a better place to live in.
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